FoxLaser - Powder coating
FoxLaser - Powder coating

Powder coating

One of the main finishing processes in the manufacturing of products from sheet and profile material is the electrostatic polymer powder coating.

The powder coating offered by FoxLaser provides opportunities for painting within the colors of the entire range of RAL and NCS, with their additional effects: gloss, matte, large and fine structure, metallic and others.

FoxLaser owns two automated production lines for applying polymer powder coatings. Both of them utilize a five-stage chemical preparation of the parts that guarantees anti-corrosion of at least 504 hours of salt test – and that is without applying zinc primer.

We also have the ability to cover the anti-corrosion class C5 (1500 hours of salt test) – one of the highest in the world.

We are proud that we can paint large parts with dimensions up to 4000x1700x800 mm.